What makes Jersey special, and why does it matter?

These two simple-sounding questions underpin the Island Identity project. If we can provide satisfactory answers to them, we can also begin to see how our Island’s distinctive qualities can be recognised afresh, protected and celebrated. We can help educate our citizens and the wider world about our unique constitution, history, environment, culture and community. We can take advantage of the opportunities they bring, and enjoy the economic and political benefits of a more confident and positive international personality. Most of all, we can foster engagement and pride and inclusiveness, and hand these down responsibly to future generations through the sense of identity that embodies them. 

Defining cultural identity is about trying to identify a shared set of values and perspectives. This website endeavours to promote a broader understanding of Jersey’s nuances locally and internationally by providing information and resources, uncovering our global connections and shining a light on the various strands of the island’s unique essence.