Welcome to Island Identity

What makes Jersey special and why does that matter? These two simple-sounding questions underpin the creation of this project. If we can provide satisfactory answers to them, we can also begin to see how our Island’s distinctive qualities can be recognised afresh, protected and celebrated.

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  • Defining Jersey

    Questions of identity – how we see ourselves and how others see us – are actually far from simple. Jersey is bursting with stories to tell. But none of these stories alone can tell us what it means to be Jersey. You will find here the third iteration of the Island Identity Policy Development Board’s findings, and an opportunity to have your say as the debate has been widened to the public.

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  • Celebrating Jersey

    Understanding our island, fostering pride and inclusiveness and projecting a recognisable and positive international personality have been identified as key objectives of the project in order to serve and nurture our island identity. You will find here resources to inform, promote and celebrate unique and varied parts of our island.

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