Environment and sustainability

As with many small island states, Jersey faces significant threats from climate change. The island is committed to reduce emissions, finance a just transition, enhance energy security and combat climate change.

Our journey to net zero

The extension of the UK’s ratification of the Paris Agreement to Jersey in April 2022 marks an important step in advancing the Island’s contribution to global climate ambitions.

Jersey’s carbon neutral roadmap commits the island to a science-led emissions reduction trajectory, in line with the UK’s Paris Agreement Targets. This means a 68% reduction by 2030, 78% by 2035 and reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

Some examples of the policies within the roadmap are:

Sustainable Transport

Heating emissions reduction

Decarbonising the Government of Jersey

Achieving compliance with the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol

Developing on-Island skills for a sustainable economy

Delivering the COP26 education pledge

Jersey is also exploring what role it’s marine environment can play in combatting climate change. A study of the “blue carbon” resources in the sea around Jersey found that Jersey’s seabed permanently removes (sequesters) over 10,000 tonnes of carbon annually.

The Climate Emergency Fund was established in the Government Plan 2020 to 2023. It provides an initial route of income and source of expenditure for projects tackling the climate emergency.

Campaigning against climate change

The eco active network raises awareness across Jersey, helping to educate Islanders through engagement and action. Eco active organise campaigns and events throughout the year to promote low-carbon lifestyles. Previous campaigns have included:

Plastic Free Jersey is an initiative that brings together individuals, groups, businesses and organisations to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Surfers Against Sewage developed the scheme to tackle the plastic problem specifically in coastal areas.

The Toy Swap Shop is aimed at reducing waste and cutting the carbon emissions associated with the production and transportation of new toys.

The Turn it Off Campaign encourages islanders to switch off unused appliances, electrical points and lights to save money and cut emissions. 

COP27: Jersey in the global discussion on climate change

Jersey actively participates in international efforts to tackle climate change. Jersey’s Minister for Energy and Climate Change recently attended COP27, which provided the island with the opportunity to share its work on climate change policy, green finance and sustainability, and to collaborate with other international jurisdictions.

An aspiring Geopark

Jersey is on track to achieving the special designation of a UNESCO Geopark, which would bring international recognition to Jersey for its exceptional geology and unique cultural heritage.

A biodiverse island

Jersey is home to a diverse environment both on land and in the surrounding waters. The people of Jersey are very much involved in protecting the natural environment and viewing wildlife is a huge pastime in the community.

Being a small island means that locations such as gardens and parks are habitats for protected species such as hedgehogs, bats, newts and the Jersey crapaud or toad. With wildlife so close to our doors it is imperative we protect it and the community involved.




Amphibian species


Reptile species


Terrestrial mammal species


Bat species


Marine mammals


Seahorse species


Protected plants


Protected fungi


Protected lichen

Delivering sustainable growth

As a leading international finance centre, Jersey has been active in sustainable finance for some time, with a new sustainable finance strategy to catalyse action. 

Jersey is taking action on sustainable finance and is a member of the UN Finance Centres for Sustainability network (FC4S). 

Jersey Fund for a Wilder World - new sustainable finance initiative, where funds businesses with a sustainable focus can donate a minimum of 2.5% of their annual fees, earned from included SRI entities to Durrell, who will pool donations from contributors and assign them across their rewilding programmes.

Did you know?

Jersey is the only place in the British Isles with a native population of Green Lizards and Agile Frogs

Jersey has a thriving red squirrel population, which is at risk of extinction across the British Isles.