How to use

What are ‘Ambassador for Jersey’ packs? 

These ‘Ambassador for Jersey’ pages consist of information and key messages on various themes, including Jersey’s constitutional status, economy, culture and environment.  

Who are they for?

These packs have been designed for anyone representing the island abroad or at home, including athletes, overseas aid volunteers, professionals and students, at all levels. 

This information can also be used by visitors or newcomers to the island to understand more about Jersey.

How are they used?

Ambassadors (inclusive of all of the above) can select from the menu the pages most relevant to them and their trip. PDF documents containing the information can be printed off and used to prepare for overseas trips or ahead of engagements, or users can access the information on the web page.

How to use the Ambassador Packs effectively:

  • Familiarise yourself with the contents – this will help to better understand the message you are trying to convey.
  • Consider your audience – in order to tailor your approach and choose the most effective pages from the ambassador pack, think about the interests and values of those who you are speaking to