Jersey and its neighbours

Jersey has a distinct international personality, separate from that of the UK’s but with strong connections to the UK, France and other European countries.

Jersey’s relationship with the UK

The United Kingdom is Jersey's closest international partner. Deep social, cultural, economic, and constitutional links have been built and maintained between the two jurisdictions over hundreds of years.

jersey and UK

Jersey: a Crown Dependency

The Bailiwick of Jersey, the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Isle of Man form the Crown Dependencies, three island territories off the coast of Great Britain that are self-governing possessions of the Crown.

Despite being a Crown Dependency, a framework agreement signed in 2007 recognised that Jersey has an international identity which is distinct from that of the UK.

Jersey is a self-governing parliamentary democracy with powers to:

Determine it's own laws

Raise taxations

Hold elections

Jersey is not represented in the UK Parliament. Therefore, it is a constitutional rule that Parliament does not legislate for Jersey in matters of domestic competence, without the island’s consent.

The UK retains responsibility for the military defence of Jersey and representing the international interests of the island – but only after prior consultation.

UK legislation

  • Only extends to the Crown Dependencies when the island’s authorities have been consulted and given consent. 
  • Where appropriate, legislation is normally extended through Order in Council under a specific enabling provision in an Act. 
  • For legislation to take effect in Jersey it must be approved by the States Assembly and registered by the Royal Court of Jersey

The States Assembly (Jersey’s parliament)

French and English are the official languages of the States.

49 Members are elected every four years in a general election.

The Chief Minister and Council of Ministers are elected from within the Assembly.

Passes legislation on all domestic matters, including taxation, law and order and the regulatory environment.

Agrees the Government of Jersey’s budget, corporate strategy and strategic priorities.

The Bailiff of Jersey is the President of the States, responsible for the orderly conduct of the States Assembly and its business.

The British Monarch is represented in Jersey through the Lieutenant-Governor.


Following the UK's departure from the EU, Jersey (alongside Guernsey and the Isle of Man) entered a formal Customs Arrangement with the UK in 2021, enabling the Island to trade with the UK free of tariffs, with no restrictions on quantities.


Jersey is part of the Common Travel Area (CTA) which allows free movement of people to and from the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Did you know...

Jersey’s finance industry supports an estimated 250,000 British jobs.

Jersey is in a currency union with the United Kingdom with the Jersey pound tied to pound sterling. Both currencies circulate in the Island including the distinctive Jersey £1 notes.

Every year, thousands of tonnes of Jersey Royals – the iconic Jersey new potato – are exported from the Island, principally to the UK.

Jersey and the Channel Islands

Jersey is not alone in its position in the English Channel and, where it makes sense, the Island will cooperate closely with colleagues in Guernsey to foster a Channel Islands identity. Equally, where appropriate, Jersey fosters greater understanding of the similarities between Jersey and Guernsey and awareness of the limited areas where the islands differ.

Jersey and the European Union

Since the UK left the EU, Jersey's relationship with the EU is now governed by the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). Jersey's participation is in relation to trade in goods and access to fisheries resources.

Post-Brexit, Jersey is firmly committed to fully implementing its obligations under the TCA and to strengthening and maintaining its long-standing relationships, politically, economically and culturally, with its French neighbours and partners across Europe.

The Channel Islands Brussels Office (CIBO) ensures that Jersey's interests are promoted in Brussels and acts as the central engagement point with the EU institutions.

The Bureau des Îles Anglo-Normandes, located in Caen, promotes the interests of the Channel Islands in the French regions.

The European Relations team, part of the Ministry for External Relations, supports Jersey’s relationships across Europe, including through the network of European countries’ Embassies in London.

Jersey and France

Given their geographical proximity, historical links and common heritage, Jersey and France enjoy a strong relationship and work together in many areas.

Jersey enjoys strong regional links with Normandy and Brittany supported through cooperation agreements, which recognise and support the existing historic, social, cultural and economic links that the Island has with its closest neighbours.

jersey and france

La Maison de la Normandie is a public and non-profit organisation in Jersey which represents La Manche and Normandy in the Channel Islands. It maintains the continuity of diplomatic relations and develops economic, touristic, cultural and language exchanges

The States of Jersey, the Island’s Parliament, is a proud participant in the work of the Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie.

Jersey’s Alliance Française helps improve islanders’ French language skills and promotes Francophone cultures. Such cultural understanding is further enhanced by the large number of twinnings between French towns and conurbations in the Island.

Jersey also enjoys good relations with France at the national level which is supported through regular Ministerial engagements. Jersey also has a presence in the British Embassy in Paris.