Stakeholders & Mission

Different stakeholders are in charge of ensuring a good cooperation between France and the Channel Islands.

BIAN means Bureau des Iles Anglo-Normandes (Channel Islands Office). Based in Caen, it represents Jersey and Guernsey governments regionally in France. The Office is responsible for ensuring the continuity of relations between the Channel Islands and the French authorities, as well as promoting political, economic, cultural and education exchanges.

JLO is the Jersey London Office, in charge of representing the interests of Jersey to the UK Government and Embassies in London. Through its European Relations Team, the office is also responsible for bilateral relationships with European partners including a good relationship with France. The team has a small presence within the Government of Jersey office in St Helier and in Paris through a ‘hotdesk’ arrangement with the British Embassy there. 

La Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche (MNM) represents the Region of Normandy and the Département de la Manche in the Channel Islands. Based in Jersey, the MNM is responsible for ensuring the continuity of diplomatic relations between the Channels Islands, the Normandy Region and La Manche and for developing economic, environmental, cultural and tourist links between Normandy and the islands.

Alliance française Jersey is a charity whose aim is to improve the French language skills of the Jersey people and to promote French and Francophone cultures. Based in Saint-Helier, it was established in 1996 and is part of a network of 850 Alliances Françaises worldwide.  

CIBO stands for Channel Islands Brussels Office. Based in Brussels, at the heart of Europe, the office is in charge of strengthening links between the Channel Islands and their European counterparts. Its main actions are to represent the Channel Islands and promote their interests to the European Union, but also to advise Jersey and Guernsey governments on EU policies.

Jersey is not alone in our position in the English Channel and, where it makes sense, we will cooperate closely with our colleagues in Guernsey to foster a Channel Islands identity. Indeed, we have already started to demonstrate the value this can have through joint Ministerial visits to France and Brussels, as well as cooperating on fisheries matters. Equally, where appropriate we will foster greater understanding of the similarities between Jersey and Guernsey and awareness of the limited areas where we differ.  

A joint initiative between artists from the Channel Islands and the Département d’Ille-et-Vilaine in France has been launched in 2023. Artists are invited to run a residency within a secondary school (collège), catering to students aged 11 to 15, between March and June 2024 in the Saint Malo region. Only Jersey artists have applied for this first edition, but the initiative is hoped to succeed and continue in future years with Guernsey artists participating, as well as hosting French artists from Ille-et-Vilaine in Jersey and Guernsey schools.