'Ambassador for Jersey' packs launched


The Island Identity Project is pleased to announce the launch of the 'Ambassador for Jersey’ packs, a valuable and accessible resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Jersey's unique attributes and effectively communicate them to others. 

Available in both digital and printable format, users can navigate through various information pages on themes such as Jersey’s constitutional status, economy, and culture, and select those most relevant to their needs, forming the basis of an ‘Ambassador for Jersey’ pack. Whether preparing for engagements or overseas trips, these packs equip visitors with the necessary tools to effectively represent Jersey and convey its key messages accurately.   

They have been developed to support individuals representing the island abroad or at home, in a professional or personal capacity. This includes athletes, overseas aid volunteers, professionals or students. They can even be used by visitors or newcomers to the island to gain a deeper understanding of Jersey. 

Covering a wide range of topics, the packs delve into Jersey's constitutional relationship with the United Kingdom, the island's robust economy, vibrant cultural heritage, commitment to environmental sustainability, among others. By equipping ambassadors with this knowledge, the packs aim to foster a deeper appreciation for Jersey's distinct identity, fostering stronger connections and promoting positive engagement on both domestic and international platforms. 

The ‘Ambassador for Jersey’ packs will have significant applications, including their use at the upcoming British Irish Council Summit. This annual event brings together government representatives from Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Jersey. Here, the packs will be utilised by Government of Jersey politicians and officials to showcase the unique position of our island. Additionally, they will be utilised on Jersey Overseas Aid trips, allowing volunteers to effectively convey the island’s values and contributions. Furthermore, school students participating in overseas trips will also benefit from the 'Ambassador for Jersey' packs. They will provide students with a deeper understanding of Jersey's unique identity, enabling them to easily communicate the island's attributes and promote cultural exchange.

To access the 'Ambassador for Jersey' packs, click here.