International Cultural Centre Steering Group launched


As part of the Government’s 100 Day Plan, the Chief Minister has announced the launch of the International Cultural Centre Steering Group, which is being led by the Minister for Children and Education. 

Its first meeting took place on 12 October 2022. The Group will develop a Cultural Diversity Network, which is the first stage of a wider project to establish an International Cultural Centre in Jersey. 

The Centre: 

  • will provide information about services in Jersey 
  • improve access to those services across the community 
  • celebrate Jersey’s cultural identities 
  • bring Islanders together by raising awareness of different cultures

During their first meeting, the Group discussed the potential functions of the Cultural Centre in Jersey, potential funding options, and how a centre could build on existing events and work in the community. 

The Government has proposed £300,000 in the Government Plan 2023 to 2026 to develop the project. This includes funding for two Cultural Engagement Officers, who will drive the coordination and delivery of services and work closely with different communities across the Island.

Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore, said: “The development of a Cultural Centre for Jersey was one of the key recommendations in the Diversity Forum’s Legacy Report, and I am pleased to be sharing the roadmap of how we will deliver this. 

“Throughout our history, Jersey has benefited greatly from welcoming different cultures into our community. People moving to the Island have ensured our economic prosperity, and brought new cuisines, new views, and new perspectives to the Island. We are a more vibrant and thriving Island as a consequence. 

“The development of a Cultural Centre is our way of formally recognising those contributions, and providing the space needed for all cultures to flourish.” 

Minister for Children and Education, Deputy Inna Gardiner, said: “I am proud to be chairing this Group and working with colleagues and communities to bring our Island together.

"Jersey has a huge range of services, support, and opportunities available, but we have not always done as much as we could to make sure that these are accessible to everyone in the Island. The Cultural Diversity Officers will be that first point of contact for members of our community and welcoming to all Islanders.”

Find more details of the International Cultural Centre Steering Group here.