Island Identity Ministerial Plans


The Ministerial Plans set out individual Minister’s priorities and the legislative programme for 2023. The Ministerial Plans were presented to the States Assembly on 11 October, with the Plans providing a clear focus for action, and aiding the Assembly in holding each Minister to account for their delivery.

The Minister for International Development has set out her intentions for the Island Identity project, over this term of Government, to be supported by the publishing of delivery plans in January 2023.

Priorities for Island Identity are:

Ensuring that Jersey continues to nurture a positive and inclusive Island identity by

  • encouraging and providing support to government departments, businesses, arm’s length organisations, and the public to implement policies and ideas which progress the opportunities identified in the Island Identity Work Programme
  • promoting the Island with learning opportunities for young people, newcomers and international audiences about the Island’s unique constitution, history, culture, environment and community through material provided on the Island Identity website
  • investigating how the Island can be presented internationally and how messaging locally can be made more positive. Through Government policies, the Island’s personality and interests abroad will be protected and pursued, and through cross-cutting projects, Jersey will be better understood locally, promoted and celebrated

Supporting priorities from the Minister for External Relations are:

  • continuing to represent Jersey’s interests - and take leadership positions- in strategic multilateral fora, such as the OECD, the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, IMF and World Bank
  • delivering relevant commitments within the Island Identity Report
  • developing a diaspora initiative, including enhancing and growing our #AlwaysJersey platform, to improve connectivity with and engagement of Islanders living abroad
  • delivering an effective international compliance function, including managing the relationship with the Director of Civil Aviation

All Ministerial plans can be found here.