Jersey Youth Service - Living in Jersey


What do our young islanders think is the real Jersey? What elements do they value that give them meaning?

The Island Identity project sponsored clusters of youth groups to enable them to do just that – to find out for themselves what young people really like and love about Jersey. From physical activities to community projects, the social time spent with like-minded young people helped the team develop new friendships along the way – a real bonus from this project. You can see how well they got on in this short home-made film.

The feedback and comments we’ve received from young people has been really positive :

  1. It was great making friends with young people from other Parishes
  2. We got to work with other Youth Workers in the West of the island, which was great too.
  3. We like being creative and getting involved in the project, gave us the opportunity to do that and express ourselves.
  4. Being involved in the project reminded us of things that we really like and love about Jersey!