Ministerial Delivery Plans 2023


The Delivery Plans set out detailed plans to support the delivery of the Government Programme. 

They include: 

  • detailed actions to deliver on Ministerial Priorities as set out in the Ministerial Plans
  • projects and programmes
  • legislative programme
  • service performance measures

Island Identity delivery plan commitments are:

Ensuring that Jersey continues to nurture a positive and inclusive Island identity by:

Encouraging and providing support to government departments, businesses, arm’s length organisations, and the public to implement policies and ideas which progress the opportunities identified in the Island Identity Work Programme.

  • We will work together with relevant Arms Length Organisations to promote the whole Jersey identity, rather than just financial services, at the ports of entry, by driving the transformation of unused space with improved displays of the island’s cultural offering.
  • We will be an active member of the International Cultural Centre Steering Group, driving the development of the proposal for the International Cultural Centre for the approval of the Council of Ministers and work with the group to ensure that the proposal aligns with the Island Identity goal of addressing alienation and social exclusion, and ensuring all Islanders feel the belong in Jersey whatever their background.
  • Working with colleagues in External Relations, we will create information packs to provide to ambassadors: travelling sports people, politicians, civil servants, Jersey Overseas Aid volunteers, business representatives containing key messages about the island, combined with targeted messages pertinent to their sector.

Promoting the Island with learning opportunities for young people, newcomers and international audiences about the Island’s unique constitution, history, culture, environment and community through material provided on the Island Identity website.

  • We will produce an accessible digital booklet explaining Jersey’s unique constitutional arrangements and the language which should be used to describe them, and ensure that it is made available to schools, businesses and parishes.
  • We will make the Island Identity website easier to navigate, with clearer intersections with other digital resources provided by the organisations on island that provide informative content key to a clear understanding of Jersey.
  • We will publish a third Charlie & Spud title, providing an accessible resource for children to learn about specific events that have shaped Jersey’s history and identity, and provide copies to primary schools island at no cost to them.
  • We will advise the Privileges and Procedures Committee on their Political Education programme of work.

Investigating how the Island can be presented internationally and how messaging locally can be made more positive. Through Government policies, the Island’s personality and interests abroad will be protected and pursued, and through cross-cutting projects, Jersey will be better understood locally, promoted and celebrated.

  • We will explore how the island would benefit from a branding or messaging project across all agencies who are responsible for promoting Jersey abroad, and present it to Council of Ministers for consideration - working towards the achievement of the recommendation of the report: coordination of the promotion of Jersey’s international image externally among the various organisations which do so.
  • We will begin the scoping work for a diaspora programme, working with the External Relations team to create an organisation structure and utilise existing channels to leverage the goodwill towards Jersey of those who have lived here, worked here, or are affiliated to Jersey, creating and improving links to the island.
  •  We will work closely with the European Relations team to promote Jersey’s links with its closest neighbour, France, and support soft diplomatic exchange by providing a dedicated area on the Island Identity website that showcases the Island’s political partnerships, culture, art & heritage links, education partnerships, and sporting links.

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